Made in PR

We effectively support companies in key decision-making processes, build reliable communication strategies and develop well-thought-out action plans.

Relying on specialist knowledge and our team of experienced consultants, Made in PR provides consultancy services in effective communication.

Our main goal is to help clients achieve their business and community goals. We are able to precisely identify company communication needs and select the right tools to fulfill these needs while supporting business development at the same time. Our knowledge and experience penetrate numerous industries such as finance, insurance, trade, tourism, real estate, home improvement, beauty and pharma.

We prepare specially designed offers that are tailored to meet communication needs and guarantee that specifically defined PR objectives are effectively carried out. Our projects are appreciated in national and international competitions, receiving many distinctions and prizes.

Since 2017 we are the partner of the international Worldcom PR Group network. Our main advantages are thorough market familiarity and reconnaissance of the companies, media and information connections that drive business here.

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