We are Lesensky.cz We are a PR and marketing agency with a team heart. Our success on the market is grounded in enthusiasm, honest work and talented people. We have a branch in Prague and a partner office in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are fully committed to this business, from all perspectives. We are the only member of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA) and also member of global Public relations network (PRN). We educate students and professionals through our projects - PR Gang and PR Academy. Our unique way of thinking is based on our long-term experience in PR. We started as skilled copywriters and, over time, we have built our business on proper relations with the media and the skillful use of words. Eventually we added marketing to our list. We came up with the PR 360® strategy – a concept which combines the tactical performance and flexibility of marketing with the strategic power of public relations. To us, campaigns are like a happily ever after story – we can do the writing, casting, telling and promoting, with our clients as the main characters.


Štursova 583/49
61600 Brno, Czech Republic



 Veronika Duchoňová


Arts and Entertainment Lifestyle Construction and Property Consumer Goods Food and Drink Corporate and Financial Services Energy and Industrial Health Technology Tourism and Travel Transport

Competencies / Services:

Branding Campaigning Crisis Communications Internal Communications Marketing Media Relations Social Media Management Strategic Consulting


  • Employees: 20
  • Freelancer: 5
  • Agency founded: 2009
  • Member of national PR Association since: 2018
  • Association: APRA (Czech Republic)