MiRò Comunicazione Srl

MiRò is an independent Agency and we’re (as team) in the rare position (in the Italian market) of being able to offer both responsiveness and entrepreneurialism. We can’t just describe us as a PR firm, or a communication agency, a marketing consultancy or a digital studio: we are all of them, consistently.
That’s how we deliver results and how we manage our agency. Our aim is to create strong relationship with our key clients, considering us as an inner resource in our client’s organization, even if we’ll keep being an independent Agency.
We also believe that in today’s global marketplace, solving business problems requires a global perspective paired with a local sensibility.
We can create a "tailor made" public relation strategy for your business.
Why MiRò could be strategic for your Company? Because we can support you in creating your “brand reputation” in Italy, translating your values into the Italian market and shared feelings.
We normally worked with other agencies for our international clients.

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