„Visibility, credibility, increasing market value
Professional solutions, efficient business communication
Look behind the scenes!”

  • We believe in honest, open communication. We don’t beat around the bush and we do not lie. If we make a mistake, we admit it and take part in finding the solution.
  • We are aware of our environment and we do all the sensible steps we can do to protect it, e.g. selective waste collection, energy conservation.
  • We approach everybody with the intention of cooperation and support.
  • We are open to the parts of the world previously unknown to us, we believe we can always learn new things.
  • Our attitude towards affairs is characterized by generosity.
  • We prefer human connections over business interests.
  • We value and support each other.
  • Our agency follows a unified image and communication in all of its elements.


  • We always pay our suppliers within the agreed deadline.
  • We pay our employees' wages every month on the date fixed in the beginning of the year.
  • We strictly and consequently collect our receivables.
  • As reliable partners we always keep promises and agreements, just as we expect from our business partners to do the same.


  • We perform our work so it can be contested in professional competitions, continuously adding to the number of our accolades.
  • We only undertake and deliver tasks we feel a 100% of our own, where we proudly add our face and name to them.
  • In our work the demands of our clients enjoy prime importance, which are fulfilled in the best possible quality.
  • Everybody is responsible for their work.
  • We always take development in high consideration in order to provide better and more perfect solutions.


  • Our employees start at the bottom of our organizational ladder and we provide them opportunities for development, learning and earning places in the team.
  • We put great emphasis on the mentoring of young colleagues.
  • We remunerate our employees’ performance and dedication according to position and the current labor market situation.
  • We provide working circumstances to all of our employees which enable optimal performance.
  • We provide opportunities for our employees to change position within the organization if that serves personal as well as organizational development.
  • We conceive clear goals and expectations, which we measure in an objective way.
  • To recognize excellent performance is very important for us.
  • We behave in a way so that we are to be known as attractive employers worthy of praise.
  • We decide on employing new colleagues with a professional selection procedure.
  • On their first day new colleagues are welcomed with heightened attention and suitable preparation.


  • We take care of our environment and take all the reasonable steps we can to protect it.
  • We consciously avoid overconsumption, waste and the accumulation of surplus stock.
  • We believe that environmentally conscious thinking starts at the individual level, so we place special emphasis on raising awareness among our employees and environment. We pay attention to economy in our purchases and try to procure the most necessary products in one go, reducing transportation and packaging related emissions.
  • In our purchases we prefer environmentally friendly products.
  • We reuse most of the packaging materials, and which we cannot, we recycle.
  • We take care of the proper management and dismantling of electronic waste generated in the office and in the homes of our employees.
  • We use environmentally friendly materials to keep our working environment clean.
  • We also strive to implement our environmentally conscious principles at the events we organize.
  • We recognize and reward environmentally conscious actions within the organization on a regular basis.
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